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05 February 2011 @ 05:15 pm
{dump} sentences.  
so apparently this month’s the one sentence month at naruto_meme. and being the lovely masochist i am, i obviously had to join it. so here’s a bunch of them, i chose those i liked the most. can you guess my favorite?
(also, icon renovation, yay!)

might update later, if i do some more.

{beneath the surface} sasuke/sai
being a rational person doesn't help him a lot at times like these, sasuke reckons as thoughts are a mess and in the end instincts are victorious; outside, sasuke looks calm, but the fine line of his pressed lips suggest tension, desire for his replacement.

{family} obito/rin
as a young boy (damn, he's still stupid and young), he dreamed about building a family with her, give her the uchiha name; now that he feels friendly death on him like a heavy boulder to carry, he knows that the tree of them are a perfect family and will always be.

{speechless} gaara/naruto
naruto is usually proud of his ability to find the words to say at all times; however, when the kazekage presses his lips against his, the blond realizes that he's never really known how to communicate up till now.

{breath} gaara/naruto
now that the war is over, they are back to the beginning, in the snow covered fields of iron country; they whisper apologies and promises to each other in the dream-like haze of their cloudy breathing.

{delicate} sai
it is still something of a dream, that word, intangible—sai reckons; it’s what he is not, it’s a gentle and soft word—and he always blurts out the harsh truth—but it’s also a word to describe him and how much he tries for once to smile and pretend to be something whole, something worth loving—not a broken, nameless, failed tool as he is—when he’s subject to everyone else’s judgment.

{indiscreet} darui/c
it’s hard not giving into it, it really is: instead, darui buries a grown and dirty whispers into the shell of c’s ear, he’s not wholly surprised about this situation, though, as he helps c getting rid of the layers between them, considering how the blond had sauntered by him on the hallways, smirking possessively before darui gives the raikage an excuse of an excuse (the man doesn’t seem satisfied)—only to find himself pinned against the wall in the closet where they dump paper work. c grinds his hips hard against darui’s and runs fingers against the skin on the sides of his chest, and darui really seems to not be able to get his brain working or untangle himself from c; soon, he knows, the raikage will get impatient, and darui knows he shouldn’t seek impatience from a man known for running through walls.

{chewing gum} genma
when that day genma saunters into the hokage's office while his lips and teeth—and is that tongue?—do some obscene gestures with a lucky chewing gum, raidou wonders why is it that genma’s mouth always seems to bring blood to places in his body.

{couch} sakura/lee
lee’s too small couch is a dying forest green monster sitting there in his tiny, too-filled living room: it has a suspicious scent of male cologne, sweat, mint and musk, some of the springs have ripped the fabric and poke into anyone’s skin and there is an undying stain on one of the pillows; but whenever sakura spends time at lee’s, it is on the old, ugly couch, he lays there crouched and with sakura on top of him (he won’t let her get hurt by the springs) and he lays happy; lee would have sold it already if it weren’t for the fact that their first kiss was on that couch.

{insomnia} naruto/gaara
whenever naruto comes to suna, gaara finds himself wishing he had shukaku in his veins once more just so that he can’t fall asleep and live in insomnia during those days; that way, the kazekage can spend the night exploring his lover’s body, losing himself on the kisses naruto lays on his skin—and when the blond falls asleep, gaara will watch over him, map him under all the different angles the light hits his skin as the day breaks.

{ink} sasuke/sai
when sai has his mind set on something he is perhaps more insufferable than naruto, sasuke discovers, especially when that something is him; he smirks and grins and teases until sasuke can’t curb his instincts and pins him against the closest possible wall, push his body hard against sai’s warm skin and sai’s body curving—grinding—against sasuke’s, and the artist will smile that stupid smile which he hates and loves, stare into him with those big, inky eyes—like he says, i know what you’re thinking—arched, inky black eyebrows underneath the mess of inky locks of hair spread on his forehead; sai smells like rice paper and ink and he always seems to manage to leave fingertips smeared in ink on sasuke’s skin—sometimes, sasuke has trouble knowing if he is for real or child of his sickest, wildest fantasies someone painted on paper and offered life—he loves it.

{pet} danzou & sai
sai does everything he asks him to: when danzou says, kill, the boy is quick to erase life; when danzou orders, seduce, he willingly spreads his legs for anyone, for the sake of his master; when danzou asks, be mine, he gives up a name, a face and all that makes him a human; when the master orders, the pet obeys; when the pet disobeys (doesn’t kill the uchiha), the leash around sai’s neck is tight.